Monday, November 24, 2008

loves and hates

loves: baking from scratch, growing more domesticated, tartines au chocolat ou confiture a la fraise dipped in coffee for breakfast, red nailpolish, the thought of living in montreal with my lover, multilingualism, hibernating in winter, baby pink flowers, skyish blue-grey, tears of happiness,, ikea, queen st both east and west, coffee breath, lavender, white tanks, grocery shopping, feeling princessy, mascara and blush, sleeping in, v-neck tees, freckles

hates: words "indie" and "awesome", not having a social life/friends, the feeling of anxiety and restlessness after dusk, insects and bugs, stomachache, being jealous, being over-the-top sarcastic, not having money, hipsters, leaving everything till the last minute, most of toronto, shallow people, my current job, kitten heels

to be continued