Monday, November 24, 2008

loves and hates

loves: baking from scratch, growing more domesticated, tartines au chocolat ou confiture a la fraise dipped in coffee for breakfast, red nailpolish, the thought of living in montreal with my lover, multilingualism, hibernating in winter, baby pink flowers, skyish blue-grey, tears of happiness,, ikea, queen st both east and west, coffee breath, lavender, white tanks, grocery shopping, feeling princessy, mascara and blush, sleeping in, v-neck tees, freckles

hates: words "indie" and "awesome", not having a social life/friends, the feeling of anxiety and restlessness after dusk, insects and bugs, stomachache, being jealous, being over-the-top sarcastic, not having money, hipsters, leaving everything till the last minute, most of toronto, shallow people, my current job, kitten heels

to be continued


the tea drinking english rose said...

aw. i cannot wait to learn more.
sound so special.
i love baking from scratch also.
it always tastes better.

erin meagan said...

i love baking from scratch, although I'm not too good at it. I also love tears of happiness and freckles. I wish I had freckles. I had 3 this summer :)

ashley said...

i love the list~ but also love toronto:)
tears of happiness are divine!
x ashley

Raspberry Muffins said...

I just wanted to say thank you for becoming a follower. It always surprises me, to know that some people enjoy my blog.

fairy dust wishes.

xx Felicity.

buymylovewithchocolate said...

erin meagan, not everything i bake is edible too! but practice makes perfect, and i'm never going to stop wasting ingredients! :))
freckles are <3
i used to have a pencil to draw them in winter, when i didn't have my own!

buymylovewithchocolate said...

Felicity, you shouldn't be surprised: your blog is adorable!

Raspberry Muffins said...

there is something special for you on my blog. Look for followers

fairy wishes and hugs

xx felicity.

sparkle said...

i want to know more about you! please write again